About Us

At Refurb Rental Systems, We See IT Differently.

Refurb Rental Systems is a comprehensive IT lifecycle solutions provider headquartered in Chennai. With offices in Chennai and Bangalore, Refurb Rental Systems provides global hardware sourcing and procurement, maintenance and support services, and IT asset disposition services to customers around the world.

Refurb Rental Systems is one of the fastest-growing private companies in India.

Refurb Rental Systems provides a complete solution that reduces your IT costs as well as the complexity of technology procurement.

A fast-growing Value Added Reseller, Refurb Rental Systems boasts of dedicated technology managers, whose prime focus is helping clients choose the right technology solutions and services to best meet their unique business needs.

Refurb Rental Systems is a major authorized reseller of all major software publishers and hardware producers.

We have 2 branches across the Country with Head Office (HO) in Chennai and the corporate office in Bangalore; In Places where we do not have our branch offices, our engineers are represented through our service partners and thus we support our customers pan India with vast presence.

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Our Technicians are Well-Trained

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What do we do?

At Refurb Rentals System, we specialize in breathing new life into technology. Our company offers a unique blend of hardware solutions and rental services, With our expertise in refurbishing IT products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the way technology is accessed, utilized and reduce electronic waste & promote sustainability by extending the lifecycle of IT hardware through meticulous refurbishment.

History Of Us

The history of Refurb Rentals System is a tale of innovation and sustainability. We expanded our services to include a wider array of IT products, catering to various industries and needs.

What can we do for you?

What services does Refurb Rentals System offer?

Refurb Rentals System provides a range of services, including IT hardware rentals, refurbished product sales, and eco-friendly technology solutions. We aim to make advanced technology accessible to businesses and individuals through sustainable practices.

Are the refurbished products reliable?

Absolutely! Our refurbishment process is meticulous, ensuring that each product meets high-quality standards. We thoroughly test and restore items to their optimal condition, so you can trust in their performance just like new ones.

How does buying refurbished products benefit me?

Purchasing refurbished products from us not only saves you money but also supports environmental sustainability. By choosing refurbished over new, you’re helping to reduce electronic waste and minimize your carbon footprint.

Can I customize rental plans to my needs?

Of course! We offer flexible rental plans tailored to your requirements. Whether you need tech for a short project or a longer term, we’re here to accommodate your needs and ensure you have the right tools when you need them.

How do you ensure data security on rental equipment?

Data security is a top priority. Before any rented equipment is sent out, we wipe all data from the devices using industry-standard methods. Your privacy and security are of utmost importance to us.




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